GC1288单相24V风扇电机驱动器 国产替代ON三洋LA6588 茂达APX9222 三洋LA6583

The GC1288 is a single-phase bipolar fan motor IC for 24V power supplies. Linear driver with BTL output ensures efficient, energy-saving and silent drive while suppressing ineffective current.
GC1288 integrated with over-temperature protection and stall-guard protection。


Chip description:
The GC1288 is a single-phase bipolar fan motor IC for 24V power supplies. Linear driver with BTL output ensures efficient, energy-saving and silent drive while suppressing ineffective current.
GC1288 integrated with over-temperature protection and stall-guard protection。


Chip features:
 Single-phase Full-wave driver , power
supply range is 5~24V , Current up to500mA
 No Switch Noise with Linear Drive by BTL
Output ( gain 57dB)
 Stall-guard Protection and Automatic
Return Circuits Incorporated
 Hall Bias output (1.5V typical)
 Over temperature protection
 FG and RD output
 SSOP10L(4.9x3.9) Package


Chip application:
 Car audio system
 Fan driver