GC5849三相无传感器正弦波180度 风扇驱动器  替代Allegro A4949 瑞盟MS39549

The GC5845 and GC5849 is a three phase motor driver incorporate sinusoidal drive to minimize audible noise and vibration for medium power fans. A speed input is provided to control motor speed. This allows system cost savings by eliminating an external variable power supply.

Chip description:
The GC5845 and GC5849 is a three phase motor driver incorporate sinusoidal drive to minimize audible noise and vibration for medium power fans. A speed input is provided to control motor speed. This allows system cost savings by eliminating an external variable power supply.
Alternatively, power supply modulation down to 4 V can be used to adjust motor speed。


Chip features:
 180° sinusoidal drive for low audible noise
 High efficiency control algorithm Support
 Sensorless operation
 Analog speed input (GC5845)
 PWM speed input (GC5849)
 Wide supply voltage range: 4~20V
 FG speed output
 Lock detection
 Thermal breakdown protection,
Over current protection,
Short circuit protection
 Soft start
 eSOP8 Package


Chip application:
 CPU cooling Fans
 VGA cooling Fans
 Water Pump Motor