GC5331三相正弦波无感风扇电机驱动器 替代茂达APX9331

The GC5331 provides all the circuitry for sensor-less speed control of three-phase brushless DC motor. The Sine-wave Driver method will be better sound quality. The controller functions include start-up circuit, backEMF commutation control, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) speed control, lock protection, and thermal shutdown circuit.


Chip Description
The GC5331 provides all the circuitry for sensor-less speed control of three-phase brushless DC motor. The Sine-wave Driver method will be better sound quality. The controller functions include start-up circuit, backEMF commutation control, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) speed control, lock protection, and thermal shutdown circuit. The GC5331 is suitable for both game machine and CPU cooler that need silent drivers. It is available in DFN3x3-10 package.


Chip Features
 PWM Sine-wave Driver
 Three-Phase Sensor-Less Drive Method
 Adjustable Forced Commutation Frequency (for Start-up)
 Built-In External PWM Speed Control
 Built-In Quick Start Function
 FG, 1/2FG, 1/3FG or 2/3FG Output
 Power Saving Function (PWM Duty Input is 0%)
 Built-In Lock Protection and Auto Restart Function
 Thermal Shutdown Circuit


Chip Application
 Motor Drivers for Silent Fans
 Variable Speed Control Fans