8Mb SPI NOR Flash  旺宏 MX25L8008E SOP8

• Single Power Supply Operation
- 2.7 to 3.6 volt for read, erase, and program operations
• Supports Serial Peripheral Interface -- Mode 0 and Mode 3
• 8,388,608 x 1 bit structure or 4,194,304 x 2 bits (Dual Output mode) structure
• 256 Equal Sectors with 4K byte each
- Any Sector can be erased individually

• Single Power Supply Operation
- 2.7 to 3.6 volt for read, erase, and program operations
• Supports Serial Peripheral Interface -- Mode 0 and Mode 3
• 8,388,608 x 1 bit structure or 4,194,304 x 2 bits (Dual Output mode) structure
• 256 Equal Sectors with 4K byte each
- Any Sector can be erased individually
• 16 Equal Blocks with 64K byte each
- Any Block can be erased individually
• Program Capability
- Byte base
- Page base (256 bytes)
• Latch-up protected to 100mA from -1V to Vcc +1V
• High Performance
- Fast access time: 86MHz serial clock
- Serial clock of Dual Output mode : 80MHz
- Fast program time: 0.6ms(typ.) and 3ms(max.)/page
- Byte program time: 9us (typical)
- Fast erase time: 40ms(typ.) /sector ; 0.4s(typ.) /block
• Low Power Consumption
- Low active read current: 12mA(max.) at 86MHz
- Low active programming current: 15mA (typ.)
- Low active Sector/Block erase current: 9mA (typ.)
- Low standby current: 15uA (typ.)
- Deep power-down mode 2uA (typ.)
• Typical 100,000 erase/program cycles
• 20 years of data retention
• Input Data Format
- 1-byte Command code
• Advanced Security Features
- Block lock protection
The BP2-BP0 status bit defines the size of the area to be software protection against program and erase instructions
- Additional 512 bit secured area for unique ID
• Auto Erase and Auto Program Algorithm
- Automatically erases and verifies data at selected sector
- Automatically programs and verifies data at selected page by an internal algorithm that automatically times the
program pulse widths (Any page to be programed should have page in the erased state first)

• Status Register Feature
• Electronic Identification
- JEDEC 1-byte manufacturer ID and 2-byte device ID
- RES command for 1-byte Device ID
- REMS command for 1-byte manufacturer ID and 1-byte device ID
• Support Serial Flash Discoverable Parameters (SFDP) mode
- 8-pin SOP (200mil)
- 8-land USON (4x4mm)
- All devices are RoHS Compliant & Halogen-free.
The device features a serial peripheral interface and software protocol allowing operation on a simple 3-wire bus.
The three bus signals are a clock input (SCLK), a serial data input (SI), and a serial data output (SO). Serial access
to the device is enabled by CS# input.
When it is in Dual Output read mode, the SI and SO pins become SIO0 and SIO1 pins for data output.
The device provides sequential read operation on the whole chip.
After program/erase command is issued, auto program/erase algorithms which program/erase and verify the specified page or sector/block locations will be executed. Program command is executed on byte basis, or page basis, or
word basis. Erase command is executes on sector, or block, or whole chip basis.
To provide user with ease of interface, a status register is included to indicate the status of the chip. The status read
command can be issued to detect completion status of a program or erase operation via WIP bit.
Advanced security features enhance the protection and security functions, please see security features section for
more details.
When the device is not in operation and CS# is high, it is put in standby mode.
The device utilizes Macronix's proprietary memory cell, which reliably stores memory contents even after typical
100,000 program and erase cycles.