64Mb SPI NOR Flash  兆易 GD25Q64E SOP8

◆ 64M-bit Serial Flash ◆ Fast Program/Erase Speed
- 8192K-Byte - Page Program time: 0.5ms typical
- 256 Bytes per programmable page - Sector Erase time: 45ms typical
- Block Erase time: 0.15s/0.25s typical

◆ 64M-bit Serial Flash ◆ Fast Program/Erase Speed
- 8192K-Byte - Page Program time: 0.5ms typical
- 256 Bytes per programmable page - Sector Erase time: 45ms typical
- Block Erase time: 0.15s/0.25s typical
◆ Standard, Dual, Quad SPI - Chip Erase time: 25s typical
- Standard SPI: SCLK, CS#, SI, SO, WP#, HOLD#
- Dual SPI: SCLK, CS#, IO0, IO1, WP#, HOLD# ◆ Flexible Architecture
- Quad SPI: SCLK, CS#, IO0, IO1, IO2, IO3 - Uniform Sector of 4K-Byte
- Uniform Block of 32/64K-Byte
◆ High Speed Clock Frequency
- 133MHz for fast read ◆ Low Power Consumption
- Dual I/O Data transfer up to 266Mbits/s - 12μA typical standby current
- Quad I/O Data transfer up to 532Mbits/s - 1μA typical deep power down current
◆ Software/Hardware Write Protection ◆ Advanced Security Features
- Write protect all/portion of memory via software - 128-bit Unique ID for each device
- Enable/Disable protection with WP# Pin - Serial Flash Discoverable parameters (SFDP) register
- Top/Bottom Block protection - 3x1024-Byte Security Registers With OTP Locks
◆ Endurance and Data Retention ◆ Single Power Supply Voltage
- Minimum 100,000 Program/Erase Cycles - Full voltage range: 2.7-3.6V
- 20-year data retention typical
◆ Package Information
◆ Allows XiP (eXecute In Place) Operation - SOP8 150mil

- High speed Read reduce overall XiP instruction fetch time - SOP8 208mil
- Continuous Read with Wrap further reduce data latency to - SOP16 300mil
fill up SoC cache - USON8 (3x4mm)
- USON8 (4x4mm)
- WSON8 (6x5mm)
- WSON8 (8x6mm)
- TFBGA-24ball (4x6 Ball Array)
- TFBGA-24ball (5x5 Ball Array)