DVD播放机的4通道电机驱动器 DIODES AM5901A

The AM5901A is a 4-channel motor driver with power controller that includes the reset, battery charge and reduced voltage detection circuits required for portable CD/MP3/VCD players on a single chip.


General Description
The AM5901A is a 4-channel motor driver with power controller that includes the reset, battery charge and reduced voltage detection circuits required for portable CD/MP3/VCD players on a single chip.
This kind of IC is provided with lower startup voltage and power consumption than similar products, its driver block power supply uses on-chip switching regulator, making this component an ideal choice for low-power sets. It is used in mini portable compact disc players (CDP), portable mini disc players (MD), disc-man or other portable compact disc media.
The AM5901A is available in PQFP-44 and LQFP-44 packages.


· 4-channel H-bridge Driver
· Built-in DC/DC Converter Control Circuit
· Built-in Reset Circuit
· Built-in Reduced Voltage Detection Circuit
· Built-in Battery Charging Circuit
· Built-in General-purpose Operational Amplifier
· Built-in Thermal Shutdown Circuit
· Low Power Consumption


· Portable Compact Disc Player (CDP)
· Portable Mini Disc Player
· Portable Disc-man
· Portable CD/MP3/VCD
· Other Portable Compact Disc Media