The AP3008 is a 1.2MHz PWM boost switching regulator designed for constant-current white LED driver applications.
The AP3008 can drive a string of 2 to 3 white LEDs from a 2.7V supply in series, ensuring uniform brightness and eliminating several ballast resistors. The

General Description
The AP3008 is a 1.2MHz PWM boost switching regulator designed for constant-current white LED driver applications.
The AP3008 can drive a string of 2 to 3 white LEDs from a 2.7V supply in series, ensuring uniform brightness and eliminating several ballast resistors. The
AP3008 implements a constant frequency 1.2MHz PWM control scheme. The high frequency PWM operation also saves board space by reducing external component sizes. To improve efficiency, the feedback voltage is set to 95mV, which reduces the power dissipation in the current setting resistor.
The AP3008 is equipped with OVP protection ability, the SW pin monitors the output voltage and will turn off the device if an over-voltage condition is present to prevent damage from an open circuit condition.
The AP3008 is available in SOT-23-5 package.


· Inherently Uniform LED Current
· High Efficiency up to 84%
· Drives 2 to 3 LEDs from a 2.7V Supply
· 1.2MHz PWM Operation Frequency
· Requires Only 0.22mF Output Capacitor
· Shutdown Current: <1mA
· Built-in Output Over-Voltage Protection
· Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO)


· Digital Cameras
· LCD modules
· GPS Receivers
· Cellular Phones
· PDAs, Handheld Computers