12V双通道H桥驱动器GC8833C国产替代TI DRV8833

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1. Feature descrition
Dual-H-Bridge Motor Driver
--- Can Drive Two DC Motors or One
Stepper Motor
--- Low MOSFET ON-Resistance: HS + LS
Output Current (at VM = 5 V, 25°C)
---0.8A RMS
1.5A Peak per H-Bridge
two channels can be used in parallel
--- 1.6A RMS
3A Peak current
Power Supply Voltage Range: 4V~15V
PWM Winding Current Regulation and
Current Limiting
short to ground protectionshort to power
Over Temperature protection under
voltage protection
Built in 3.3V LDO without external logic
power supply
Standby mode< 1uA
--- When AIN1=AIN2=BIN1=BIN2=0
Last for 1.25ms

FLAG indication

2. Application area
Battery powered toys

POS printer
Office Automation Machines

3. Function description
GC8833C is a dual channel, 12V DCmotor drive, continuous current 0.8A, peakcurrent 1.5A, can be used in toys, printers,industrial control and other fields.
The chip can drive a stepper motor or twoDC motors, and can also be used to driveother magnetic loads.
The output H-bridge of the chip integratescurrent limiting function, and each powerMOS transistor is provided with over-currentprotection and short-circuit protection.
The chip has FLAG pin, when thetemperature is too high, the voltage is too low,or the output short circuit, the outputindication signal

When all logic inputs are low, the powersaving current is less than 1uA
TSSOP16 (5mmx4.4mm) with heat sink